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  • A strong underwater current that flows contrary to the waves on the surface.

  • An implicit quality, emotion, or influence underlying the superficial aspects of something that leaves a particular impression.

  • An underlying current, force, or tendency that is in opposition to what is apparent.

What is Undertow?

Undertow is a boutique localization agency.


We adapt content into target language versions.

We translate content ideas into communication strategies.

We turn data into actionable insights.

We convert visitors into customers.

Unique set of skills

We combine Digital Marketing with

Localization expertise.

We connect with our clients and talent on a human level.

Agile Approach

We’re always looking for new ways to adapt and improve.

Boutique Agency

We create processes tailored to your specific needs.

Personal Relationship


Why Undertow?


Meet the Team

Our team includes professionals with diverse backgrounds, allowing us to offer a mix of strategic marketing thinking and linguistic knowledge to help your content cut through the noise.

Caterina Salcedo

Caterina Salcedo

Marketing & Growth Director

With a background in Sales & Marketing, Caterina is a master in translating the complicated language industry lingo into easy-to-understand and actionable insights to create effective multilingual content.

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Nicola Calabrese

Strategy & Technology Director

Thanks to his extensive experience in the language industry across different roles and organizations, Nicola helps companies define and manage their multilingual content strategy and production.

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Marco Airoldi

Marco Airoldi

Operations & Quality Director

With his perfect mix of project management and copywriting skills, Marco leads our language teams and ensures that the content we deliver to our clients is of the utmost quality.

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Margherita Marinelli

Project & Talent Coordinator

Perfectly balancing timeliness, high quality, and budgeting in all projects she manages, Margherita continuously delivers effective results to our clients. Plus, she’s the lovely point of contact for the pool of amazing professionals we work with.

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Solenn Marchand

French Language Consultant

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Ilona Brophy-Lehmann_German-Language-Consultant_2_edited.jpg

Ilona Brophy-Lehmann

German Language Consultant

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Seasoned Social Media Strategist specializing in Digital Marketing. Self-taught and proud, she's passionate about crafting engaging digital narratives. An organized content creator who delivers impactful results.

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Carolina Ribes Tortajada

Spanish Language Consultant

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Ruben Vitiello

Italian Language Consultant

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…and our amazing team of native translators, writers, editors, and SEO specialists.


Ready to create an engaging multilingual experience for your international users with Undertow?

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