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This is how we do it

Dedicated language teams, creative collaboration, continuous feedback, and integrated technology. All with one goal in mind: ensuring the engagement of your local audiences.


A consistent voice for your brand

What if your favourite band suddenly has a new singer? Their sound could change radically and you might lose interest in them. Something similar happens to your brand when your tone of voice is not consistent throughout your communications. Your customers struggle to recognise it among your competitors. Consistency is key, and one way to achieve it is to always have the same people work on your copy. At Undertow, we create dedicated language teams built around your brand and your requirements, each led by a Brand Guardian. This will ensure that your tone of voice will be consistent and recognisable, so it will be music to your customers’ ears, even when it travels abroad.


Feedback culture

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right? That’s why we break the cycle and integrate a feedback loop within our team structure. Each brand has a unique tone of voice, specific terminology and preferred phrasing, and the best way to learn them inside-out is to ensure that everybody involved in adapting your content is on the same page. Here is where our Brand Guardians come in. They’ll make sure every piece of content delivered back to you is in line with brand guidelines and they’ll provide feedback to copywriters and editors to ensure consistency throughout all of your communications.




Translation projects usually involve different linguists isolated within separate steps in a process that allows for little or no communication among the people involved. This not only negatively affects the copy, it also creates unnecessary delays that eat up precious time. At Undertow, copywriters and editors can interact while working on a project, so they can collaborate in real time and harness their full creative potential to deliver more effective content. How do we know this approach works best? Because two of our directors follow this same collaborative process every day to write engaging Italian copy.


Technology is our friend

We’re still far from a Terminator scenario, but technology allows us to automate all the boring stuff we didn’t want to do anyway. At least that’s how we see it at Undertow. So, forget all the hype about machines replacing humans and say “hasta la vista” to robot-sounding translations. We use technology to terminate admin and focus on being creative, which is what we do best (and like the most). We can help you identify the right solutions to streamline your workflow and reduce wasted time. And, thanks to specialist software, we can ensure consistency in your message across different markets and projects.


Ready to engage your audience?

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