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5 reasons to work with Undertow

Stable language teams and ongoing collaborations

We establish long-term partnerships with our clients and we create stable language teams that can create consistently on-brand content for them. So, once we’ve found the perfect team for you, you can be sure that you’ll hear from us regularly.

Reunión de grupo

Straightforward registration and client-specific training

Our Talent Portal allows you to easily enter your rates for all the services you provide, as well as upload your CV and any professional certification. Once we validate your profile and match it to one of our clients, we’ll provide client-specific training so you can get to know the brand you’ll be working on.

Minimal admin and reliable payment terms

All projects are assigned, completed and invoiced through our Talent Portal. Once a month, you’ll be able to group all completed projects and include them in a single invoice, reducing the admin on both your side and on ours. And you can count on 30-days payment terms!

Clear briefs, detailed instructions, with a human touch

We always strive to include all relevant instructions and reference materials in our Talent Portal, but our team is always available for any doubt or clarification, be it a translation query or a technical issue you’re having with any of the software you’re using.

Continuous feedback and constant support

Our stable language team system means you have a direct channel of communication with the other people that are working on similar projects for the same client, which is extremely convenient when you have a terminology query. Furthermore, you’ll receive actionable feedback from reviewers, so the quality of the content you deliver can improve over time and become more and more on-target.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what they say about us:

Virginia Moroni.jpg
For the first decade of my freelance translator life, I have avoided agencies – I had heard too many stories about bad rates, late payment, excessive bureaucracy and generally being treated as a commodity.
But when Margherita from Undertow approached me with a very friendly request about my specialism, I thought I’d give them a chance. And I am very happy I did. They are the opposite of my prejudice: the people working at Undertow are friendly and approachable, open to feedback and interested in me as a person. They value long-term collaboration and consistency and facilitate communication with the other freelance translators on the project. I feel supported and well-trained; all my questions are answered. And last but not least, the processes are straight-forward and the payment is always on time or early.
Long story short, I can highly recommend working with Undertow!
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