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The Multilingual Content Podcast

The multilingual Content podcast

Does your company work with content in multiple languages and you’re looking for a podcast to help you navigate this complex topic?


Then look no further! Every other week, we interview professionals in digital marketing, international SEO, UX writing, translation and localization, and ask them to tell us about their journey in adapting their content for different markets.

Some of our guest

Valeria Nanni
Valeria Nanni
From Skyscanner

Our Host

Nicola Calabrese

He draws on over a decade of localization expertise to interview experts in multilingual content management. As the founder of Undertow, he's managed translation and localization for startups and enterprises in 20+ languages. Nicola's genuine passion for the subject ensures each episode is informative and engaging, making him the perfect guide through the world of localization.

Nicola Calabrese
Nicola Calabrese

Tune in now to join the conversation and learn everything you need to know about internationalization & localization.

Content in Multiple Languages?

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